Posted on: 26/11/2020

EMRS would like to provide Capacity Providers with an update on the progress of the changes as part of the Stress Event Improvement Programme. The four changes are:

  • Online submission of Capacity Market Volume Reallocation Notifications (CMVRN)
  • Confirmation of receipt for submission of Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) metered data
  • Emails to notify rejection of duplicate CMVRN Trade IDs

In addition, the below change is also included within the same deployment:

  • Duplicate Rows in Capacity Payment Late Payment Interest (LPI) Table

EMRS will deploy all changes on 9 December 2020 as scheduled. The next working day, 10 December 2020 these changes will be operational. EMRC224 – Update on the EMRS changes for the Stress Event Improvement Programme 2020 provides further details and highlights any key information to Capacity Providers.

Full details of the Stress Event Testing Programme for 2020 is available in the letter issued on 26 June 2020.