Posted on: 03/07/2017

On 1 July 2017, changes to the Electricity Supplier Payments (Amendment) Regulation 2017 came into force to the CFD Supplier Obligation.

These changes were:

  • the payment terms for the Quarterly Supplier Reconciliation Invoice reduce from 90 calendar days to five working days (WDs);
  • LCCC can reduce the Total Reserve Amount (TRA) under certain conditions if it considers the amount is too high; and
  • the period over which the TRA is calculated is offset such that it aligns with the period over which Interim Levy Rate (ILR) payments are received.

On 25 June 2017, EMRS issued EMRC125 to reminder Suppliers and provide further details about these changes.

Are the impacted documents been published?

The following documents have been published on the EMRS website to reflect these changes:

  • WP1 – Overview of EMR Settlement
  • WP41 – Late Payment Procedure
  • G3 – CFD Reserve Payment
  • G16 – Supplier CFD Payments
  • EMR Settlement Calendar 2017/18