Posted on: 02/03/2016

We’ve issued EMRC75 which informs EMR Stakeholders that the MRA Development Board (MDB) at its February meeting approved two change proposals related Electricity Market Reform (EMR), which are:


DTC Change Proposal 3482 (Clarification of EMR Invoice Numbers) impacts Suppliers, CFD Generators and Capacity Providers. This Change Proposal (CP) amends the description of EMR Invoice Number (Data Item J9150) to clarify that EMR Invoice Numbers are unique within Contracts For Difference (CFD) and within Capacity Market (CM), but not unique across EMR as a whole. As each Settlement Services Provider allocates EMR Invoice Numbers independently of the other, the same EMR Invoice Number may be used by both. This change will assist Suppliers and other recipients of EMR backing data in validating their EMR invoices. This change will be implemented on 30 June 2016.
DTC Change Proposal 3483 (Improved Reporting of CFD Lump Sum Payments)l impacts CFD Generators. Data flow CFD Generator Invoice Backing Data (D0365) will be used to deliver CFD Generators with ‘backing data’ that gives additional information on how their invoices are calculated. The CP changes the ‘CFD Ad Hoc Payment’ (92I) group of the data flow to allow better reporting of lump sum payments which will assist CFD Generators in validating their EMR Invoices. These changes will also be mirrored in the CSV backing file. This change will be implemented on 3 November 2016.