Posted on: 09/10/2014

The MRA Development Board (MDB) at its meeting on Wednesday 8 October 2014 approved the new Data Transfer Catalogue (DTC) flows.

This Change Proposal will implement five new DTC data flows that the EMR Settlement Services Provider will send to Suppliers, CFD Generator and Capacity Providers over the Data Transfer Network (DTN). This interface will be used to send invoice backing data and other EMR-related reports.

Who does this impact?
This approved Change Proposal impacts:
● Suppliers
● CFD Generators
● Capacity Providers

What does this Change Proposal implement?
Changes were proposed to the original DTC CP 3440 which resulted in the MDB at its September meeting deferring its decision until 8 October. The MDB at its meeting on 8 October approved DTC CP 3448, which incorporated the changes proposed to DTC CP 3440, DTC CP 3440 was withdrawn.

The five new data flows including the flow references that will be implemented are as follows:

● D0362 – CFD Supplier Invoice Backing Data
● D0364 – CM Supplier Invoice Backing Data
● D0363 – CFD Supplier Credit Cover Report
● D0365 – CFD Generator Invoice Backing Data
● D0366 – Capacity Provider Invoice Backing Data

This introduces two new participant role codes into Annex A:
● CFD Settlement Services Provider
● CFD Generator and Capacity Provider

The CM Settlement Services Provider role was already introduced by DTC CP 3431’New DTC flows to
support the Capacity Market’.

Where can I locate DTC Change Proposal 3448?
You can locate the DTC Change Proposal 3448 on the MRASCo website, click here.

What is the implementation date for this change?
These data flows will be implemented on 26 February 2015.

We’ve issued EMR Circular 19 which provides full details.