Posted on: 15/12/2017

On 13 December, EMR Delivery BodyElectricity Settlements Company (ESC) and EMR Settlement Limited (EMRS) hosted a webinar to help Capacity Providers prepare to go through the required Metering processes prior to the start of Delivery Year. To be able to participate in the Capacity Market all Capacity Providers must have a Metering System installed that is compliant with the Capacity Market Regulations and Rules. Capacity Providers will need to be able to demonstrate this through the metering processes.

The webinar was designed to support Capacity Providers in their preparation for going through the Metering processes. With about 40 attendees to the webinar, it introduced Capacity Providers to the Metering processes, which included the Metering Assessments, Metering Statements and the Metering Tests and the associated timelines. It highlighted about the recent Capacity Market Rules changes to Metering Statement submission and Metering Test certificate deadlines. The webinar also provided helpful tips and common issues that Capacity Providers had been encountered to help Capacity Providers avoid these issues going forward.

You can watch a replay of the webinar on YouTube. The slides from the webinar are also available.