Posted on: 17/04/2015

We have issued EMR Circular 42 which informs Suppliers that due to delays experienced during User Acceptance Testing of the EMR settlement system, there is a high probability that EMR Settlement Ltd will not be in a position to go live with the settlement system in time for automated invoicing of the CFD Operational Costs Levy 2015/16 to Suppliers from 29 April 2015.

We may therefore have to invoke manual invoicing contingency arrangements in order to issue invoices and backing data from 29 April 2015. This circular also provides details on the following:

  • What is the contingency approach?
  • What will be included in the backing data?
  • What format will the DTC-compliant data be issued in?
    • This circular is seeking feedback from Suppliers if they’d prefer to receive the DTN format in either Pool Transfer File Format or Variable User Format via email.
  • What assurance will be provided in using this approach?
  • What other approaches are available to make daily payments?

Please see EMRC42, for further details.