Posted on: 28/03/2014

On 28 March 2014 ELEXON issued EMR Circular 1 to inform you of the BSC Configurable Items, which include the BSC Code Subsidiary Documents, amended for EMR to be included as part of the June 14 Release. The Circular also explains what other Configurable Items will be amended for EMR in the future, who will be impacted by these changes and next steps.

Who does this impact?

If you are a BSC participant or an interested EMR participant we would encourage you to read the circular.

What is it asking me to do?

You are invited to return any comments, including any impacts on you and the likely implementation timescales by 17.00 on Tuesday 22 April 2014.
Further information is contained in the circular:

What is an EMR circular?

This is the first EMR circular from ELEXON as part of the EMR programme. We will use these circulars to keep our key customers informed of the work ELEXON is doing on EMR including changes which are likely to impact parties, information that requires our customers to review or action and latest developments and news.

How do I register for EMR Circulars?

If you wish to be kept informed about the ELEXON role in EMR, you can subscribe to our EMR Circular distribution list. Simply email:[email protected] to be added.