Posted on: 05/09/2014

To help our EMR stakeholders keep informed of our activities in the EMR programme, we have launched an EMR Settlement Calendar on the EMR Settlement website. We will use the calendar to share key information, events and deliverables we are required to implement as the EMR Settlement Services Provider.

What information does the calendar contain?
It includes:
• Consultations
• Events
• Implementation dates
• Meetings
• Operational dates
• Workshops

Remember to check the calendar regularly. We’ll keep it updated and ensure it helps to illustrate the key dates for EMR payment activities.

Where can I access the calendar?
You can access it in two places on the EMR Settlement website homepage:
• Select ‘Calendar’ via the navigation menu
• Use the mini-calendar view

What are the key features of the calendar?
• You can: Change your view to month or list
• Filter information by category
• Search for information using key words
• Sync dates within the Calendar with your Outlook
• View information on your mobile or tablet device

We hope you find the calendar useful in preparing to implement EMR. If you have any feedback on the calendar please email [email protected].