Our Service Desk

Our Service Desk team provide support to our customer in responding to queries regarding Settlement activities.

The team focus on providing quality and timely responses to all requests raised via the Service Desk.

I am Jane and I joined in May 2021 as the Finance and Service Desk Lead. My previous experience is working in Investment Banking.

My key responsibilities are managing the generation of invoices/credit notes as well approving the collection and payment of these. I manage the Service Desk and assist the team in providing quality and timely responses.

My specialist area is finance and so I am committed to managing the current schemes as smoothly as possible.

I am Craig and I joined as the Operations Lead in March 2022. My energy career covers nine years, which involved working at six electricity suppliers and in a variety of roles.

My key responsibilities are ensuring the data accuracy of the Capacity Market and CfD schemes. I work closely with EMR Delivery Body and ESC/LCCC to ensure any issues are resolved in a timely manner.

I specialise on the data processes within the Capacity Market, error identification and correction, provision and analysis for both meter aggregation and meter data.

I am Carolina and I joined in May 2020 as a Settlement Analyst and have over a decade of experience in the financial sphere.

My key tasks include completing operational tasks to ensure timely and accurate settlement charges. This includes file loading and exception management as well as interpreting and processing information received from EMR Delivery Body.

I also support the Service Desk, and prioritise providing customers with quick and helpful responses.

I am Cameron and I joined in March 2023 as a Settlement Analyst. I have a degree in Accounting and Finance which fully supports my role within the Operations Team.

I am responsible for the daily operations of the settlement services we provide. Some examples of my responsibilities include managing Credit Cover, creating and sending invoices and dealing with debt management for individual customers.

I am also one of the first points of contact for customers via our Service Desk for operations queries.

I am Hamza and I joined the in September 2023 as a Settlement Analyst, supported from a background in Finance and Operations.

I am responsible for daily operations of settlement services we provide. Examples of my daily responsibilities include processing files/exemptions, dealing with bank reconciliations, invoicing and managing Credit Cover.

I am also one of the first points of contact for our customers via our Service Desk for operations and metering queries.

Hello, I am Hannah. I joined in October 2023 as a Settlement Analyst. Previous to working at EMRS I had a role at an energy consultancy analysing electricity usage of large customer portfolios. This background in the energy industry has given me a solid foundation to support my role at EMRS.

As part of my role, I handle a variety of tasks, such as file loading, managing Energy Intensive Industries (EIIs) certificate processing and supporting on daily invoicing activities.

I also provide support for our Service Desk, and a priority of mine is efficiently responding to customer queries.