Posted on: 27/03/2015

We have made some significant changes to the website. You will notice that we’ve added a new ‘Stakeholder Support’ section to the main menu which includes pages tailored for Suppliers, CFD Generators and Capacity Providers. The FAQ’s page has also been moved to this section.

The tailored pages will provide Suppliers, CFD Generators and Capacity Providers with the following information:

  • Outline how we will support you with EMR.
  • Highlight the Guidance, Working Practice and related documents relevant to your role.
  • Provide Useful links and contact details

A ‘Change’ section has been added to the website with information related to ‘Consultations’ but will expand to include Change Proposals and Releases in due course. We’ll continue to develop the content on these pages as we move forward. We welcome your feedback on the EMRS website and particular on these changes.

For more information on EMR or to provide feedback on the EMRS website please do email [email protected].