Posted on: 09/07/2020

We’d like to inform Suppliers, from 9 July 2020, this CFD Quarterly Reconciliation the invoice or credit note emails will no longer include the associated backing data. The email will direct Suppliers to the EMRS Portal where you can download the backing data in the following formats:

Suppliers who currently receive their backing data via the Data Transfer Network will continue to receive the D0362 – CFD Supplier Backing Data.

This circular provides supporting information about this change and the EMRS Portal.

Why is the Backing Data being removed from the Quarterly Reconciliation Invoice or Credit Note emails?

The reason for removing the backing data from the emails is that it is often too large for the recipient’s mailbox and therefore is blocked or undelivered. Removing the backing data will ensure the Quarterly Reconciliation invoice or credit notes are issued and received by Suppliers.

Who has access to the EMRS Portal?

The EMRS Portal is restricted to these Authorised Contacts:

  • Primary Authority
  • Finance Authority
  • Operating Authority
  • Users
  • Company Email

We’d like to suggest you review your EMRS Authorised Contacts. You’ll be able to update your Authorised Contacts through the existing process in WP31 – Amending EMR Party Details available on the EMRS website.